The UK’s #1 Vintage & Electric Wedding and Party Band

We’ve provided the soundtrack to friendships old and new.

We’ve played gentle acoustic sets at 3pm surrounded by serene Welsh hills. We’ve played 21st birthday parties where the host has drunkenly demanded an extra set at 3am, and the stage is drenched in booze.

We’ve played countless first dances, each one a special memory. Those when the bride and groom have secretly rehearsed for weeks, performing flawlessly as one with the band, leaving everyone astounded – fathers clasping hands and mothers crying tears of joy. Then there’s those when the panick-stricken groom beckons all his mates to join him on stage, halfway through the intro.

We’ve played Sunday afternoon river cruises on the Thames, flanked by tranquil Oxfordshire countryside. We’ve played Saturday nights in venues where the revelry is so intense, and so much flesh is visible on the dance floor, that bouncers have had to intervene.

And we absolutely love it.

Voted World’s #1 Covers Band

10734030_830697713647779_5656106533711400787_nYes, it’s true! We were selected by French TV show ‘The Cover’ to compete in their competition to find the World’s best covers band. They flew us out to perform on the X-Factor style show with YouTube’s most famous covers bands from across the world, and 1 million French people chose us as the winners!

Not speaking much French we didn’t really realise what was happening, but it was a great experience and we spent the prize money on 3 tonnes of Jelly Beans. Only joking!

Or are we?

Why Choose Mister Kanish?

The boys in Mister Kanish have all played in other function bands. The ones where members are in and out like ships in the night. The ones in which you are told your band name on the night, and as long as you can play ‘Superstition’ you know you’ll be OK. It’s nice to be spontaneous, it might even be “tight” but it’s so generic and there is rarely a vibe.

When Mister Kanish perform, you’ll be feeling the vibes. Everyone at your party and for miles around will feel the vibes, for hours, weeks, even months… Vibes that only come from years of rehearsing, playing and living together. Vibes that come from each member of the band knowing what the other guys are going to do next. Mister Kanish roll seamlessly from one awesome tune to another, always playing off the audience, always eager to keep the party rocking and the dance floor packed.

Mister Kanish vs. Classic Kanish

Mister Kanish is our rocky side with electric guitars and energetic solos.  Classic Kanish is our vintage sound, perfect for your vintage or shabby chic wedding, with double bass, banjo and various weird instruments from violins to a Melodica. What even is a Melodica? We don’t really know but when Eddie plays it people start pointing and taking photos.

When Bob Dylan went from acoustic to electric, people went bad nuts. When we combine Classic Kanish and Mister Kanish at weddings and parties, people go good nuts.